Suzanne Betro

     New headquarters office block of Guangzhou Design West Co., LTD (DW)was officially unveiled. The new office is located in southern China at a garment industrial zone at panyu, and covers 1300 square meters of office building, more than 200 square meters of the main conference hall and a studio, the restaurant which can accommodate one hundred people, more than 400 square meters of opening office, amazing creative boutique and lab. This environment is fulfilled with passionate and fun.

     The multimedia cultural communication service and humanization management process embraces environmental concerns crucial to its realization of the perfect green digital office and to make it come true.

DW has successfully opened 31 stores of the brand Suzanne Betro and Ketze-ke this year since entering into Chinese market. The stores can be found everywhere included Guangzhou, Hubei, Hunan etc.

     DW forecasts it will expand to include 80 exclusive shops. CEO LinTong announced DW will enter into E-commerce field and capitalise any internet business opportunities during the ceremony.

     After the ceremony, Ketze-ke, which was located in the first level of the headquarters, held a large scale limited purchase and seckill activities. It attracted thousands of customers.